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Zhejiang GiPOF Optronics Technology Co., Ltd. is led by Dr. Dexi Weng, an internationally renowned scholar in the field of optical fibers and a director of International Cooperative of Plastic Optical Fiber (ICPOF). It has gathered top experts and scholars in the industry, and based on perfluorinated polymer materials, has made a breakthrough in the development of Gi-POF optical fibers. The project will build a high-speed and highly adaptable all optical network production line based on the Gi-POF fiber, break the technological monopoly of Gi-POF abroad and fully participate in the construction and application of new era network infrastructure in China and even the world.
AON (All optical network) solution
- All optical port, ultra high speed, low latency
Equipped with optical port, omitting electrical port
(RJ45 port)
operating wavelengths are the same as the glass fiber optics
Equipped with ultra fast, high bandwidth, and flexible Gi-POF cables
Independent operation, low latency, low loss, high bandwidths (1000Mbps~1Gbps)
Plug n’ play in a data communication environment that is free from electromagnetic interference, leak free, flexible, curved, and frequently dynamic
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